WINO “Forever Gone “ cd


“A beautiful record, commanding and comforting in equal measure.” – Classic Rock
“This is coming straight from the heart, and when this much authentic emotion is there,
the rest just kinda falls into place.” – Invisible Oranges
“Possibly one of the darkest albums Wino has done.” – The Sleeping Shaman
Scott “Wino” Weinrich‘s long-awaited new acoustic effort ‘Forever Gone’ marks the launch of Ripple Music’s “Blood and Strings: The Ripple Acoustic” vinyl series, which present albums of acoustic heaviness from some of the most admired names in riff-rock and metal. The Obelisk states: “As vibrant as this material is, and as much as it brims with the passion and creative intensity that brought it to bear in the studio, there continues to be a heft that is either underlying or at the fore, moving no less dynamically than the arrangements of the songs throughout, and no less crucial to the understanding of what this record is. I’ve said before, on plenty of occasions, there’s only one Wino.”

Produced by Frank Marchand (The Obsessed, Bob Mould), new solo album ‘Forever Gone’ reflects the inexhaustible creativity of the Maryland-based rocker, with his trademark stripped-down melancholic rock that ranges from Americana soundscapes to strictly doomed folk, while maintaining an outstanding sonic intensity all the way through. With an unmatched pedigree in doom, having been in bands like Saint Vitus, The Obsessed, Shrinebuilder and The Hidden Hand, along with ten years of touring the world since his widely acclaimed last acoustic outing ‘Adrift’, you know WINO has stories full of longing, loss, heartache and darkness to tell on this soon-to-be-classic record.